Call Santa

Author: Steve Martin

It’s that time of year again. Santa Claus is getting presents ready for all the good girls and boys. He sure has a lot to do. Can you imagine trying to make toys for every single child in the entire world? And, he has to deliver them all in a single night. He’s so busy that he has helpers visit all of the malls and shopping centers to allow children to tell him what they want for Christmas. The helpers must report to him daily or something and they must have an amazing memory because I never see them write anything down.

Anyway, our children are deathly afraid of Santa (and his helpers). Oh, they love him and love the fact that he brings them presents every year on Christmas, but to sit on his lap would scare them to death. They are more than happy to watch other children sit on his lap in the malls but no, they do not want to get in line to sit on his lap themselves.

So, we choose to call Santa and leave him a message. I actually have a direct line to him (801) 738-0668. This number goes directly to his voicemail. When a child calls him, they simply tell him their name and age and what they want for Christmas. Santa is then notified via e-mail and can listen to the message via an attached audio file. It saves Santa a lot of precious time. Sometimes parents want to hear the message that Santa receives. Santa is happy to forward the message to their e-mail address. They simply need to let him know via e-mail the approximate time (with timezone) their child left a message and their child’s name and age. He can then find the message and forward it to them. Santa’s e-mail address is

Hopefully your kids are not as afraid of Jolly Old St. Nick as my kids, but if they are, now you have a way for them to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

3 Responses to “Call Santa”

  1. Missy Says:

    Sadie was so excited to see Santa at our ward Christmas party last week. She brought a drawing to give to him but when it was her turn, sheer panic registered on her face. She clung to me as though her life depended on it, she lifted up her little hand with the letter as high as she could (completely out of the sitting Santa’s reach) and dropped it. She didn’t want anything to do with him. Anyway, she and Soren just left a message for Santa (although I had to leave her message since she panicked again…). I was sitting right here so I don’t need to hear them again. I’m passing this link along to my friends.

  2. Rob Says:

    Does Santa deliver women?

  3. Steve Martin Says:

    Rob, I don’t know if he delivers women. Have you ever asked him to? Might be worth a shot.

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