The Runners Club

Author: Steve Martin

It’s been a very long time since I have been a part of a club. I’m not talking about the official clubs like running cross country in high school, but the unofficial clubs that you become a part of simply by participation. The last time I felt part of one of these unofficial clubs was when I had my Honda Helix scooter. That thing was so fun to drive. I used to slap on my helmet and go for a ride with no particular destination just because it was fun to drive and feel the wind whipping around my body. Whether you ride a big Harly or a scooter, you are¬†automatically in the two wheeled club. All the other motorcycle and scooter riders wave to you as you cruise on by because we are all a part of the unofficial two wheel motor club. We are friends even though we have never met before. I liked the friendly wave of the big Harly riders to me on my puny little scooter. It doesn’t matter what kind of two wheeled motorized vehicle you ride, you are automatically part of the club.

I have recently experienced this feeling again. I have taken to running a few times a week. I don’t run real far, usually about 4 miles each time I run and I’m not real fast, but it feels good to get out and try to push myself. Running is another unofficial club you automatically become a part of simply by participating. My neighborhood has a lot of active runners. We are all part of the runners club. We wave to each other without knowing each other or having met before. When you run, you automatically appreciate what you and everyone else is doing. It is not always easy to run, especially when you start putting on years like me. I was a much better runner in high school. Even so, I am enjoying it and grateful for all the other runners out there in our “club” silently encouraging my efforts and I theirs. Keep up the good work and thanks for the friendly waves. It’s nice to be in the club.

Now, to get another scooter…

3 Responses to “The Runners Club”

  1. Rob Says:

    I’m a bigger fan of the cycling club myself, but running is a good start. The Herriman Triathlon is on July 30th and starts at the lake by your house. You game?

  2. Steve Martin Says:

    Hey Rob. no, I don’t think I could handle a triathlon. However, if you are interested in doing it, we would be happy to have you sleep here the night before if you wanted.

  3. missy Says:

    Obviously I don’t check your blog anymore. I’m a little late on this one. Anyway…

    I am part of the MINI club. If you see another MINI while driving your MINI, you HAVE to wave. If you don’t, the other MINI driver will think you are stuck up and rude. But of course you really want to wave because it’s so fun to drive a MINI and you are so happy for other drivers who get the same privilege! :) What I hate is when I’m driving one of our other vehicles when I see a MINI. Then I just wish I was in my MINI so the other MINI drivers will know that I’m part of the club, too.

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