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Call Santa 2012

Author: Steve Martin

It’s that time of year again. Santa is ready to hear from kids all over the world. Give him a call and leave him a voicemail. If you let him know your e-mail address, he’ll even send you the voicemail so you can listen to it for years to come. Tell your friends and family so they can make sure Santa knows what their kids want for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

More on Magicjack

Author: Steve Martin

It just keeps getting better. I have now used the magicjack at a few locations to make support calls on my client’s behalf and it has worked great. I wanted to give a couple of updates regarding the feaures that impressed me. First of all, the voicemail. Yes, this cheap service even includes voicemail. You can either check it by dialing your number and hitting star or just listen to the attachment that gets e-mailed to you after someone leaves a message. Since I don’t ever plan on using my magicjack for incoming phone calls, I recorded a special message for my kids. My children are a little afraid of jolly old St. Nicholas. He freaks them out. The only time they have sat on his lap is before they knew any better (like maybe before they turned one). So, in order for my kids to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, they call and leave him a voicemail. Previously, I was using an old Vonage line for them to do this with but now that I found Magicjack, I cancelled that Vonage line and Magicjack will replace it. If you want to let your kids call Santa to let him know what they want for Christmas, my Magicjack number is 801-738-0668. I don’t sound a lot like Santa but it fools MY kids.

Another feature that improves the pricing for Magicjack even more (I didn’t think that was possible), is that you can prepay for future years of service at quite a discount. I logged into my Magicjack account and found that I could pay for the next 4 years of sevice for only $50. That’s a $30 savings. I now have unlimited phone service for the next 5 years for only about $90.

Magic Jack

Author: Steve Martin

I am a long time VoIP user. I have been using Packet8 for almost 4 years now. It is inexpensive phone service that comes with all of the major features you generally pay extra for. I have a VoIP comparison of different providers at my business website Smart Technology if you want to check it out.

There is a new player in the VoIP market and it is called Magic Jack. I recently purchased one to test out and possibly use as my phone when I am at a client’s and don’t want to use up my cell phone minutes on a bunch of support calls. It can often take as much as a half hour or longer for a tech to finally get on the line to help troubleshoot a problem and then who knows how long after that. My cell phone bill ends up paying the price.

The device is about 3 inches by 1.25 inches by .25 inch in size. It plugs into any available USB port and has it’s own RJ11 phone jack on the back of it. You simply plug any standard phone into the RJ11 phone jack and start making phone calls. You buy the device for about $40 plus shipping which includes your first YEAR of unlimited calling within the US and Canada. Each year after that is currently priced at $20 per year. When you first plug in the device, you go through a quick setup which lets you pick a phone number for your device. You don’t have to pick a number in your current area code. You could pick a number in another state if you wanted to. Might make it easier and cheaper for grandma to call you if you pick a number in her area code.

The service only works if you have a high speed internet connection for the computer you plug the device into but high speed doesn’t have to be super fast, just faster than dial-up.

I tested it out yesterday as soon as mine arrived and must say that I was quite impressed with the sound quality. I had the device plugged into my laptop which is connected to my network via wireless and the calls sounded great. There were a couple of times that the call stuttered but other than that it was great. I don’t think I would replace my home phone with it or even my current Packet8 VoIP lines but for my purposes, I am glad I have it and am pretty sure it will come in quite handy at times. If nothing else, it provides you a great way to make super cheap long distance calls without having to watch the clock.